Evergreen Hardy Organic Scallion

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Allium fistulosum


Pkt(≈100 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: (≈900 seeds)
Certified Organic

Super easy-to-grow scallions that are winter hardy. Harvest full size plants as bunching onions or cut the leaves to harvest as green onions. Harvested anytime April through November, it is perfect for gardeners who want hassle-free onions all season long. Grow as an annual or as a perennial patch - simply divide each perennial clump during harvest and replant. Japanese heirloom hardy to -30⁰. Plants are resistant to Pink Root and Smut diseases.

Versatile in the kitchen. White parts are used like bulb onions but are milder while green tops are used like chives. We love them cooked in stir fries, soups, and baked dishes. Grill whole or are great raw in miso soup, chicken salad, dressings or as a garnish. Preserve by freezing.

65 days to maturity. Can be grown as a perennial.

Sow seeds directly (outside) anytime 5/1-9/1, ¼” deep, 1-2” apart in rows spaced 12-18” apart. Seeds are slow to germinate, especially in cooler temperatures.

Or, scallions can also be started in containers anytime February-August. Days to germination 4-13. Transplant when plants are at least 1/2 of the thickness of a pencil. Transplant 2” apart in rows spaced 12-18”.

These scallions are super cold hardy and typically perennial so you can leave some plants to over-winter. In Spring they will divide and grow into clusters. Clumps can be divided in second year or harvested.

Be sure to keep patch well weeded, as scallions are not strong competitors.