Greek Organic Oregano

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Origanum vulgare

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Pkt (≈170 seeds)
Certified Organic

Greek Oregano has a bold and savory flavor that's perfect for tomato-based Italian dishes, like pasta sauce and pizza. We like to throw it into almost any dish as a fresh or dry herb adding distinct aroma and taste. Greek Oregano has a stronger, but similar flavor to Italian oregano.

The plant is a low-maintenance perennial making it perfect for easy edible gardens. Perfect if you like to go out to the garden and clip a little of this and a bit of that and throw it into your dinner. Easy to dry. Characteristic deep green leaves and white flowers attract beneficial insects, and the flowers are edible and can be used as an herb too. 85 days to maturity.

Start seeds inside 3/1-3/31 at 65-70°. Water soil before sowing seeds. Seeds need light to germinate - sow seeds on soil surface and expose them to indirect light (either artificial light or sunlight). Keep seeds moist until germination by watering them with a mist (a handheld sprayer works well for this). Cover seed flat with a dome to keep moisture in (but you should air it out 1x per day for 20 minutes to prevent fungal growth). Days to germination: 7-14. Transplant outside after last frost 5/20-6/30, spaced 12" apart.