Red Veined Organic Sorrel

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Rumex sanguineus

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Pkt(≈200 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: 1 g (≈ 1500 seeds)
Certified Organic

55 days. Add Red Veined Sorrel to your garden and you’ll be impressed by large, glossy, bright-green leaves, painted by bold maroon veins running throughout the plant. It’s a winter hardy perennial and very easy to grow. Great for edible and permaculture landscapes. Smaller leaves add a distinct color and texture to your salads along with the same sharp, tangy flavor of regular sorrel. Larger leaves can be chopped small and prepared like most cooking greens. High in oxalic acid content so eat in moderation.

Start seeds inside at a temp of 68°. Water seed starting soil before sowing seeds. Seeds need light to germinate - sow seeds on soil surface and expose them to light (either artificial light or sunlight). Keep seeds moist until germination by watering them with a mist (a handheld sprayer works well for this). Cover seed flat with a dome to keep moisture in (but you should air it out 1x per day for 20 minutes to prevent fungal growth). Days to germination: 10-18. Transplant outside in early May. Or, you can sow seeds directly outside May 15th on the soil surface, keeping them moist until germination. Plants are hardy to zone 6.