Summer Squash
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Squash, Summer

Squash are fun and easy to grow. "Summer squash," like zucchini, are eaten as tender, immature squash during the summer. Summer squash have a spongy texture that absorbs spices, sauces, and other flavors making them very versatile in the kitchen. 

"Winter Squash" are those that are left to mature on the vine until early fall when they form hard shells. Many winter squash varieties will store late into the winter which is why they are called "winter squash". Some squash varieties can be harvested and eaten as either "summer" or "winter" squash (this is noted in the variety description). Winter Squash are known for their sweetness and unique smooth or nutty textures. Baked squash or squash soup can brighten any dreary winter day! 

See the "Growing" tab for growing instructions for each variety of squash.