Fundraise for your group with Nature & Nurture Seeds!

Is your organization or school group in need of funds? Don’t settle for boring or unhealthy fundraisers! This year, try a Farmraiser campaign in partnership with Nature & Nurture Seeds!


Farmraiser is an online fundraising company that pairs organizations and school groups with local businesses and farms to create healthy, profitable fundraisers. Nature & Nurture Seeds has partnered with Farmraiser! Organizations can fundraise for themselves by selling our heirloom, open-pollinated, and certified organic seeds!


Why you should consider partnering with Nature & Nurture Seeds through Farmraiser for your next fundraiser:

  • A portion of every sale goes toward your cause (usually 30-50%)
  • Kids (and adults!) learn about the importance of a healthy local food system and become ambassadors of a localized economy
  • Our certified organic seed farm benefits from every sale! This helps preserve seed heritage and biodiversity.

How it works:

  • Your organization registers on farmraiser.com (for free!)
  • You customize a product inventory that your supporters will love using businesses or farms like ours that have partnered with Farmraiser
  • Supporters buy your products
  • Products are distributed to your supporters


It’s a win-win-win; you support your organization, our seed farm, and the local food system. We hope you will consider partnering with us for your next fundraising campaign! If your group is interested, please contact us online or at 724-929-0802.

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