Cherry Belle Organic Radish

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Raphanus sativus

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Certified Organic
25 Days. Cherry Belle is possibly the most well-known variety of round, red radishes available to growers in North America. Scarlet red roots with white interior and small tops. The variety became widespread after winning the bronze All-American Selection award in 1949, with at least six different seed companies offering it as a standout new variety that year. According to the 1949 Peter Henderson & Co. catalog, the roots are "as round and red as a cherry," with exceptional uniformity, "you feel that every one of them comes from the same mould." The variety is said to have originated in Holland before becoming an American mainstay. Seeds germinate quickly and roots develop in only a few weeks. When grown in cool conditions, roots are crisp and perfectly spicy. We make an annual batch of radish pickles with our spring crop, though they are also great served thinly sliced, raw as a garnish for Latin-American food with lime or to go in a mixed salad. Our seeds were grown by Eric Kampe of the Ann Arbor Seed Company / Green Things Farm Collective.

Radishes prefer cool weather. Direct sow seeds outdoors 3/24 – 6/15. For fall, sow seeds 8/21- 9/7. Plant seeds ½” deep, 1” apart in rows spaced 8” apart. Days to germination: 3 - 6 (longer in cool soil). Keep seeds and plants consistently moist. Space saving tip: Try interplanting radish seeds with beet seeds. The early radish will mature long before the beet. Use crop rotation to avoid clubroot (all brassicas). If necessary, cover with row cover fabric to protect against flea beetles and cabbage root maggots.