Diablo Cosmos

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Cosmos sulphureus 'Diablo'


Pkt (≈100 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: 1/10 oz (≈320 seeds)
Certified Organic
65-75 days. Delightfully bright, citrus-orange flowers adorn graceful foliage that sways in the breeze and attracts pollinators galore. When our lives get busy and stressful, we often look for plants that are beautiful to the eye, calming for the soul, and most importantly, don't require very much effort or resources to grow! Diablo cosmos fits the bill perfectly. This species of cosmos, originated in Central America, thrives in drought conditions, marginal soil, and high temperatures. We also found it performed great on our farm once the heavy rains and humidity came. Easy to start indoors or out, plants usually grow 2-4 ft tall and equally wide, and a single plant can produce hundreds of flowers without the need for deadheading. Cosmos are some of the best cut flowers for beginners to start with, so grow this variety if you'd like to make a fresh bouquet in the garden, or if you just enjoy a fun explosion of blossoms that butterflies and bees will feed on. An abundant seed producer that may reseed in your garden the following year. The seeds are also easy to collect for saving and swapping (this species is potentially invasive in the southern US and Hawaii so avoid planting it in warm climates). Additionally, the flowers can be used as a natural dye or as an edible garnish. This variety was awarded the All-American Selections winner in 1974. We originally sourced our seeds from our friends at the Ann Arbor Seed Company.

Cosmos will flower all summer until the first heavy frost. Can be started indoors 3/25-4/21 or sown directly outdoors after frost (5/20-7/20). Plant seeds 1/4 - 1/2 ” deep, with final spacing 12” apart. 7 -10 days until germination at 75°F.