Early Fortune Cucumber

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Cucumis sativus 'Early Fortune'


Pkt(≈25 seeds)
OUT-OF-STOCK FOR 2021. 60 days. This slicing cucumber originated in Royal Oak, MI right around the turn of the 20th century, back when our public universities worked on breeding open-pollinated, non-GMO and public domain seeds. It was selected by George Starr, a Michigan State University extension specialist, for its superior qualities. Green fruits are 7-8" long, 2" wide, and offer a nice flavor. Plants are vigorous and dependable. We are psyched to offer this variety. It goes great in Erica's "Summer Salad" with tomatoes and Genovese basil.

As with all cucurbits, cucumbers do not like their roots disturbed during transplanting so if starting seeds indoors, use biodegradable pots. Seeds can be started inside or outside. Start seeds indoors 5/1 into a good starting mix (we recommend Vermont Compost’s Fort Light). Ideal temperature for germination: 85-95° (use heating mat). Cucumber seedlings are sensitive to damping off fungus so keep soil lightly moist but not too wet and use a fan (set to low) to provide air circulation. Days to germination: 4-10. Once 2 leaves appear, grow plants at 72°. Transplant outdoors (plant biodegradable pot into soil) around 6/1 into fertile soil with lots of compost or decomposed manure. Or direct sow seeds outdoors 6/1 (1/2” deep). Space plants 1 foot apart. Protect seedlings from cucumber beetles by covering seeds/seedlings with row cover fabric at planting and leave it on until plants are flowering. Protect plants from deer and groundhogs. For an extra boost, foliar feed young cucumber plants (1 week after transplanting) with fish/seaweed. Early Fortune cucumbers perform best in cool (less than 85°) weather.