Feurio Chard

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Beta vulgaris 'Feurio'


Pkt(≈30 seeds)
Certified Organic

OUT-OF-STOCK FOR 2022. 60 days. Gorgeous red-stemmed chard with tender, succulent leaves and thick crunchy stems. A rhubarb type chard with curly “savoy” leaves range in color from bright green to red to burgundy. Upright plants are easy to harvest and regrow quickly for cut-and-come-again chard. Red-stemmed chards are generally lower in vigor than white-stemmed chards but this one is the most vigorous red-stemmed chard we have found. Feurio, which means “fire” in German, was bread by biodynamic German farmers. Chard is great for beginning gardeners because - plant it once early spring and harvest it all the way into fall! Leaves are tender and can be eaten raw, but we think they are best cooked and used like spinach. We love it in sautés and stir fries where we chop and cook the stems longer than the leaves.

Feurio Chard is an easy to grow and versatile crop. For an early harvest, start seeds indoors 3/15 (at 80°). Once leaves appear, grow plants at 72°. Transplant outside 5/1, 6-8” apart in rows 20” apart. Or, sow chard seeds outside anytime 5/15 – 8/1. Sow seeds ½” deep, 3” apart in rows 20” apart. Keep seeds consistently moist until germination. Days to germination: 5-7. Thin plants to 6-8” apart. Chard can also be grown for baby greens – broadcast sow seeds 5/1 – 8/1. Protect chard plants from deer and groundhogs who love them. Keep chard plants watered throughout the summer. Plants are cool weather hardy and can be harvested into the fall.