Glass Gem Organic Popcorn

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Zea mays

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Pkt (≈80 seeds)
Certified Organic
120 Days. A brilliant rainbow of colors makes this corn one of the funnest to grow hands down! Peel back the husks to reveal eye popping bright colors in every hue inspiring awe in children ages 1-100. The corn pops up white (with specks of kernel color) and delicious. Whole ears are easy to pop in the microwave or can be removed from the ear and popped in a pan. As a flint-type corn, it can also be ground into course cornmeal for polenta, grits, cornbread, or traditionally nixtamalized (soaked in limewater) and made into tortillas and hominy. Developed by Carl 'White Eagle' Barnes over a lifetime of work with corn in Oklahoma to enable many Native tribes, particularly Cherokee, to recover and reunite with sacred corn seeds. Learn more about Carl's work here. Thanks to the indigenous people of Central America for creating edible corn from wild inedible Teosinte.

Corn needs fertile soil with a lot of compost/manure. Corn is wind pollinated so you should grow at least 16 corn plants (plant in a block – not in a row) so that enough pollen from the tassels will land on the silks to pollinate all of the kernels to produce full ears of corn. Not enough space for 16 plants? You can hand pollinate your corn (look online for instructions). Plant corn seeds outside after the soil has warmed to at least 65° (5/20-6/15). Plant seeds 6” apart in rows 36” apart (thin plants to 12” apart). Plant at least 4 rows of 4 plants in a block. Days to germination: 3-12. You can also start corn seeds inside and tranplant outside 5/20-6/15.