Jen's Dill

Anethum graveolens


200 seeds
Certified Organic
UNAVAILABLE FOR 2022 - SEE BOUQUET DILL SUBSTITUTE. 50 days (leaf harvest), 100 days (seed)., Dill has held a regular spot in our garden for over 20 years, and is a favorite there and in the kitchen. Jen’s dill has edible leaves, flowers, and seeds. Dill is easy to start from seed and grows quickly, making it a great choice for kids, who love to eat it straight from the garden. It can be grown tucked away in any corner and also works well in a pot. We obtained these seeds from our friend Jennifer, who lets this dill re-seed in her garden year after year. Use the fresh leaves (aka “dill weed”) as a garnish and in salads, or dry them for later. From cucumbers to beans, dill is a standard ingredient in our farm pickled ferments. Erica’s sister Kelly makes a yummy cucumber salad with yogurt, dill, and salt – so refreshing on a hot summer day! Mature plants are 56” tall. Dill easily re-seeds in the garden. NN

Dill is frost sensitive. It is easily started outside directly into garden soil. Sow the seeds around May 20th, 3” apart. For a constant supply of leaves, sow seeds again one month later. Days to germination: 7-20.