Jim Baggett's Mixed Organic Zinnia

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Zinnia elegans


Pkt(≈ 40 seeds)
Certified Organic

This vibrant zinnia mix includes a diverse balance of colors including red, orange, pink, yellow, salmon, magenta, and two-tone combinations. Flowers are 4-5" double and semi-double blooms in dahlia and cactus flower forms. Zinnias make fun garden flowers as well as brightening up your home as cut flowers.

This zinnia mix was created by the late Oregon State vegetable breeder Jim Baggett and has been curated by Wild Garden Seed. With a plant height of 28-38" and a cut-and-come-again variety, this mix yields multiple cuts over the season. 75-85 days to maturity.

Zinnias can be direct seeded or transplanted. If transplanting, sow seeds in containers ¼” deep in late April, and transplant outside after 5/21 with 9-12” spacing. Alternatively, direct sow outside after 5/21, ¼” deep, about 2” apart. After first true leaves appear, thin plants to 9-12” spacing.