Maule's Philadelphia Butter Organic Lettuce

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Lactuca sativa


Pkt(≈300 seeds)
Certified Organic
50-60 days. A classic heirloom lettuce with documented history tracing back to the 1800’s. This is a tender, green butterhead lettuce that may have very slight tinges of brownish red at the outer edge of the leaves. Reliable and cold hardy, it grows well in protected culture, and outdoors in the field during cool seasons. This variety was bred by Philadelphia seedsman William Henry Maule, and was marketed heavily in the city of Philadelphia. Maule developed this variety from a variety named California Cream Butter, which was released by world famous W. Atlee Burpee in 1888. An excellent variety for lettuce wraps, individual leaves are bowl shaped and have fresh flavor. This lettuce was introduced to us by Clint Freund, one of our skilled seed growers from Wisconsin.

In general, lettuce prefers cool weather and will bolt (flower) earlier in hot weather. For early head lettuce, start seeds indoors 3/1 at 68° at a depth of 1/16"(cover flat with a dome and expose seeds to light). Sow lettuce seeds outside anytime between 3/27 – 6/30. You can try to sow lettuce seeds 7/1-8/1 but lettuce seeds will not germinate when the soil temperature is over 80° - try covering seeds with row cover fabric to keep them cool and moist. Lettuce seeds need light to germinate - plant seeds on the surface of the soil and pat gently with a hand. Keep seeds constantly moist until germination. Days to germination: 2-14 days. Space head lettuce 8-12” apart. For baby lettuce broadcast sow seeds.