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Brassica oleracea

Red Express Cabbage

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OUT-OF-STOCK FOR 2022. 62 days. Extra early, red, round cabbage that grows as a compact plant. Gorgeous red/purple colored heads are small/medium sized (2-4lbs), perfect for the home gardener. Good for spring, summer, and fall plantings. We love cabbage because it is easy to grow, produces a lot of food, and stores well. We like to use red cabbage to make braised cabbage, kraut, and as an ingredient in Mike’s farm stew. This strain was selected by our friend Nash Huber to be extra early and uniform. HM

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Growing Instructions (for USDA Zone 5b):

Start cabbage seeds indoors 4/1 at 72-85° (can use a heating mat). Days to germination: 5-8. Transplant outside 5/1, 18” apart. Or, sow cabbage seeds directly outside anytime 5/1 – 7/15. If sowing seeds outside, plant 3-4 seeds together in a group ¼ ” deep, spaced 18” between groups. Keep seeds evenly moist until germination. Thin to the strongest plant in each group. Protect cabbage plants from deer, groundhogs, and rabbits. Cabbage plants may be eaten by several different species of caterpillars. If they cause damage, hand remove caterpillars or spray organic BT.


Cabbage is ready when the head feels firm when squeezed. Cut heads flat on underside. Red Express is not ideal for long storage, but it keeps best at 32°F, with high humidity and good air circulation.

Seed Saving Instructions (for gardeners):

Cabbage is difficult to save seed from, so research further before attempting. Cabbage plants must be grown over two years to produce seed. Cabbage plants will need to be dug up in the fall, stored over winter, and replanted in spring. Cabbage is in the Brassica family so it is insect pollinated. Isolation distance: ½ mile. Minimum population size: 20-50 plants. To harvest seed, allow plants to flower and collect seed from mature pods.


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Growing Instructions