Sweet Thai Basil

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Ocimum basilicum 'Sweet Thai'


Pkt(≈210 seeds)
65 days. Basil originated in Southeast Asia and later spread throughout the world leading to the subsequent development of many varieties. Thai Basil is unique from other basils—purple stemmed and distinct in flavor. Even if it flowers, just keep harvesting; it doesn't turn bitter! More cold tolerant than other basils, it can be harvested during the cool nights of early fall after your Italian basils have gone bitter. This is our favorite Asian basil and has been a staple in our kitchen since 1993. Stem tops are tender and can be cooked. Popular in Thai and Vietnamese dishes, such as stir-fries, soups, curries, hot pots and phở. Mike loves to make Thai Basil pesto and serve it on rice noodles. We also urge you to try some Thai Basil salt (see Recipes).

Basil is a full sun, heat loving crop. Start seeds indoors April 10th - May 1st at a temp of 75° (use heating mat). Days to germination: 5-14. Transplant outside, 10” apart, after nighttime temps are above 50°. Do not let plants become potbound (too big for their pots) because this will stunt plants. Alternatively, sow seeds directly outside early June. Prune young plants to encourage side branching.