Moss Curled Organic Parsley

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Petroselinum crispum


Pkt(≈50 seeds)
Certified Organic

70-85 days. This is standard curly parsley. Fast-growing, high-yielding and can be squeezed into any garden. Cold hardy. Harvest it into the fall when other crops are done. Grows to 10” tall. Usually grown as an annual, parsley is actually a biennial. This means that in its first year it will produce foliage—and if it survives the winter with protection—it will flower in its second year, providing food for a diverse number of beneficial insects. Though it is often used as an herb or garnish, parsley’s mild taste lends it to be used as a green vegetable. Common in Middle Eastern cuisine, we love adding it to quinoa tabbouli. Also great for soups, salads, or any dish that could use a little kick of fresh greens.


Sow in containers mid March and transplant outside early May. Or sow seeds outside late May. Plant seeds 1/4" deep . Seeds are very slow to germinate and will emerge in 3 weeks. Plant spacing: 8-12"