Amaura Upland Rice

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Oryza sativa


Pkt (≈50 seeds)

100 days. This heirloom rice variety from Uzbekistan was the most productive and early upland rice in our 2018 trial. This landrace is classified as a short-grain brown rice, Amaura grows well when watered with drip irrigation like corn.  We originally received these seeds from Indiana farmer John Sherck, who generously shared his seeds and wisdom with us before our trial. Grain heads are rust red in color, but the grains inside remain a light brown color. Small amounts of rice can be hulled by pounding with a mortar and pestle. A small rice hulling machine is useful if you plan to grow and eat rice. Either way, the plants are beautiful and fun to grow. John enjoys the nutty flavor and firm texture of Amaura, saying it makes excellent fried rice!

Direct sow seeds (outside) after last frost in late May. Sow seeds 5-6” apart, ¼-½“ deep in rows 9-12” apart. Thin plants to 9-10” apart. Alternatively, start seeds indoors 5/1 at 75° and thin to 1 plant. Transplant outside within 15 days spacing plants 9” apart in rows 9-12” apart. Water plants frequently and regularly.