Butterflay Organic Spinach

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Spinacia oleracea


Pkt (≈200 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: 3/4 oz (≈1500 seeds)
Certified Organic

Fast growing spinach with large dark-green leaves and full, rich flavor. This is a fabulous open-pollinated spinach that rivals hybrid plants in growth and productivity. Good for growing in containers and great for winter growing in coldframes and hoophouses because of it's fast growth and cold hardiness. Like any spinach, it will bolt in the heat of the summer so be sure to plant it early spring or late summer. Bred in Germany using Biodynamic growing methods. Has some resistance to downy mildew.

Eat baby leaves raw or cook the mature leaves and stems. Packed with nutrients and goodness, spinach is so versatile in the kitchen - add it to almost any dish raw or cooked! Inspired by local restaurant Earthen Jar, Mike likes to make "Saag Tofu" which is a vegetarian version of the traditional Indian dish Saag Paneer.

40 days to maturity

Spinach is a short lived, cool-weather loving crop so it is best grown in spring & fall. Direct sow seeds outside as soon as the soil can be worked in the spring (about April 1st) through mid-May. Sow 10 sds per foot, ½” deep, in rows 15” apart. Alternatively, start seeds inside 3/15. Keep seeds moist until germination. Days to germination: 5-20 depending on temperature. Water spinach plants frequently to delay bolting. For fall planting, sow outside 8/15 Spinach seeds will not germinate with soil temps over 85° so to keep seeds cool, cover soil with thick row cover fabric and keep moist. For winter growing plant in hoophouse or coldframe around Sept 1 and Feb 15. Protect plants from rabbits, groundhogs, & deer.