Charlottesville Old Organic Poppy

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Papaver rhoeas


Pkt(≈300 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: (≈700 seeds)
Certified Organic

Easy to grow, showy annual flower with a long history of cultivation in the U.S. This tall, bi-color variety can be traced back to the gardens of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello which were cultivated by enslaved Africans. Flowers are vibrant scarlet red, with an indigo pattern near the center. Plants will reseed themselves in the garden and grow to about 3-4’ tall when given adequate space, water, and nutrients.

80 days to maturity.

Direct sow in spring (4/15-6/15). Seed Spacing:6”-8”, Days to Germination:6-10 days, Soil temperature for germination:55°-65°F, Seed planting depth: 1/8" (Poppy seeds need light for germination). Thin final plant spacing to 24".