Emerald Okra

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Abelmoschus esculentus

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>55-60 days. This famous heirloom is a vigorous, early producer of round, velvety green pods on tall, robust plants. Emerald okra was bred and released by the Campbell's Soup Company in the early 1950's and quickly found its place in home gardens across the country. In 1939 The famous soup company got involved in agricultural research to support farmers and bolster its supply of ingredients, and many original varieties were subsequently released from their research farm in New Jersey. We found this variety to be a standout in our 2020 okra trial for its tenderness, earliness, and pods that are straight, narrow, non-ridged, and non-spiny. Emerald pods are delicious and edible up to about 6-7" long, after which they start to turn tough as the seeds mature inside. In our 2021 seed growout, plants ranged from 6-9 ft tall, in most cases with secondary branches near the base, bearing well over 20 full-sized fruits per plant. Gorgeous white showy flowers can be seen from a distance and will attract pollinators and hummingbirds. This variety was bred to stay green and maintain a desirable texture in soups and stews, such as the gumbo canned soup sold by Campbell's. Mike makes fabulous oven-roasted whole okra for our farm lunches which is devoured by all!

In colder climates, okra does best when started indoors and transplanted. Start inside in May, 2-3 weeks before transplanting outside. Plant 3-4 seeds per cell, 1/4” deep. Germination happens faster at 80-90° (use a heating mat). Thin to 1 plant per cell before transplanting (cut, don’t pull). Space transplants 18-24” apart with rows at least 3’ apart. Can benefit from soaking overnight before seeding.