French Breakfast Organic Radish

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Raphanus sativus


Pkt(≈220 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: 1/2 oz (≈1375 seeds)
Certified Organic
25 days. French Breakfast is delightfully crisp, tender and is milder in spicyness than the common Cherry Bell radishes. Radishes are a great crop because they are quick to mature and quite versatile in the kitchen. Radishes prefer cool weather so plan to grow them in spring or fall. Traditional French preparation calls for them to be sliced thinly and placed on a cracker (or slice of bread) with a layer of sweet butter spread onto the radish and, you guessed it, eaten for breakfast! Don't like the spice of radishes? Try sautéing them in butter—you can enjoy the flavor without the spice! In fact, radishes are good cooked into any dish calling for root vegetables. French Breakfast makes excellent radish pickles—when brined in salt water. Radish tops are edible—prepare them as you would any cooked green.

Radishes prefer cool weather. Direct sow seeds outdoors March 24th – June 15th. For fall, sow seeds Aug. 21st - Sept. 7th. Plant seeds ½” deep, 1” apart in rows spaced 8” apart. Days to germination: 3 - 6 (longer in cool soil). Keep seeds and plants consistently moist. Space saving tip: Try interplanting radish seeds with beet seeds. The early radish will mature long before the beet. Use crop rotation to avoid clubroot (all brassicas). If necessary, cover with row cover fabric to protect against flea beetles and cabbage root maggots