Leisure Organic Cilantro

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Coriandrum sativum


Pkt(≈185 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: .4 oz (≈ 1,000 seeds)
Certified Organic

Leisure Cilantro is a reliable plant that can be used in its entirety – from its leaves to its stems, flowers and seeds. This variety was bred to resist flowering (aka "bolting") in hot weather, so it's less likely to become bitter as some varieties do. If left to bolt, the umbel flowers will attract hoards of beneficial insects and then the magic of edible (coriander) seeds will develop. A good variety for repeated harvests, especially when grown in spring and fall. Versatile herb and spice used in culinarily traditions worldwide. 

55 days to maturity

Cilantro is an annual plant that produces tasty leaves and then will bolt to produce flowers and coriander seed. Cilantro can be transplanted but is best direct sown into garden soil when soil is >55° around 5/8. Days to germination: 5-10. For a constant supply of cilantro, sow new seeds every 2 weeks. Sow as late as 8/31 for fall harvests. Handles light frost.