Nettles Organic

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Urtica dioca


Pkt (≈ 160 seeds)
Certified Organic

Nettles is a wild, perennial, green super food and herbal tea. Cooked it has the taste and texture of cooked spinach. The tea is a great spring tonic and tastes as green as it looks! We love to enjoy nettle's new shoots as they emerge in spring cooking it in soups & stews, especially miso soup!  Fresh plants have tiny stinging hairs that protects it from animals that would otherwise eat it - wear gloves when handling fresh nettles. Can be grown in the shade. (aka Stinging Nettles)

Wear gloves while handling fresh nettle - it's not called "stinging nettle" for nothing! You have been warned. We suggest planting it in a wilder area of your yard so that you don't accidentally brush against it. 

Height: up to 4'. Nettles will spread by roots so plant it somewhere that it can spread.

Start seeds inside 4/15-5/15. Sow seeds 1/8" deep. Cover with a dome or keep well misted or bottom watered. Days to germination: 14. Nettle plants have tiny stinging hairs SO ONLY HANDLE LIVE/FRESH PLANTS WITH GLOVES ON! Transplant outside 5/15-6/15 spaced 12" apart. Or, direct sow seeds outside in spring in an area where you won't accidentally brush up against them (they have tiny hairs that sting!).