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Coriandrum sativum

Pokey Joe Cilantro

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UNAVAILBLE FOR 2021. 55 days. Think all cilantros taste the same? Think again. Pokey Joe has won several taste trials on the West Coast. It's mild, yet cilantro-y flavor lends it versatility in the kitchen. With Pokey Joe, slow and steady wins the race: bushy, leafy growth means lots of leaves for harvest. Slower growing but also very bolt (flowering) resistant. When it finally bolts, it becomes a fine host for beneficial insects. Let it produce seed and you can add Pokey Joe coriander to your spice rack! Handles light frost so it can be harvested into the fall. Very nutritious. Eaten raw or cooked, cilantro brings a unique flavor to many dishes. If you’re trying to please a crowd, you’ll find that Pokey Joe lacks the "soapy" flavor that some people dislike in cilantro. Indispensable to Indian, Mexican, Asian, and Middle Eastern cuisines. Thanks to the folks at Uprising Seeds for bringing back this amazing cilantro. WGS

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Growing Instructions (for USDA Zone 5b):

Cilantro is an annual plant that produces tasty leaves and then will bolt to produce flowers and coriander seed. Cilantro can be transplanted but is best direct sown when soil is >55° around May 8th. Days to germination: 5-10. For a constant supply of cilantro, sow new seeds every 2 weeks. Sow as late as Aug. 31st for fall harvests. Handles light frost.



Harvest individual leaves or cut entire plant with scissors 1-2" above soil level so you don’t damage the growing crown. Plants will re-grow.


Seed Saving Instructions (for gardeners):

Cilantro is an easy seed saving crop. It is insect pollinated and cross-pollinated but will only cross with other cilantros. Remove early bolting plants. Let the rest of the plants flower and collect the mature seeds.

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Growing Instructions