Red Head Organic Quinoa

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Chenopodium quinoa


Pkt(≈225 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: 2.5 g (≈ 750 seeds)
Certified Organic

110 days. Large, showy red/pink seed heads that stood out in our 2017 quinoa trial. Sturdy, high yielding strain with edible white seeds. Normally thriving in arid climates, Frank Morton has selected his strain for its ability to tolerate humidity without seed sprouting in the head, a critical trait for growing here in the Midwest. Quinoa (pronounced “keen-wa”) is an Andean gluten free grain that is high in protein. We love it in Quinoa Tabouli, or used like rice in hot dishes. Homegrown quinoa seeds need to be rinsed well before cooking to remove bitter compounds.  Grown and adapted to the Great Lakes region for at least 5 seasons by John Sherck in Indiana.  OSSI (Open Source Seed Initiative) Pledged Variety.

Sow in flats shortly before last frost or direct seed after danger of frost. Final spacing 12”.