Red Okra 98 Organic

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Abelmoschus esculentus


Pkt(≈50 seeds)
Certified Organic
60 days. In our 2017 okra trial this variety grew the tallest and was highly productive. Plants grow 4-12' tall with mature pods 10-12”, best eaten under 7”. Pods are downy (non-spiny), with less less mucilaginous (slimy). Solid red stems, petioles and leaf veins, green leaves. Pods start off green and blush red as they mature. In 2017 we had some individual plants that reached 12' tall.  In 2018, the tallest were 8'. Donated to Seed Savers Exchange in 1979 by Jean Sherwood of Lenoir City, TN; who got the seed from her father-in-law, a retired Baptist minister who was half-Cherokee. He was born c. 1915 and said the okra had been grown by his family for a long time on the reservation. Jean's accompanying letter to Seed Savers Exchange indicated that people preferred this variety to the ordinary green ones typically grown in her area of Tennessee.

In colder climates, okra does best when started indoors and transplanted. Start inside in May, 2-3 weeks before transplanting outside. Plant 3-4 seeds per cell, 1/4” deep. Germination happens faster at 80-90° (use a heating mat). Thin to 1 plant per cell before transplanting (cut, don’t pull). Space transplants 18-24” apart with rows at least 3’ apart. Can benefit from soaking overnight before seeding.