Royal Burgundy Organic Bean

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Phaseolus vulgaris


Pkt(≈45 seeds)
Certified Organic
55 days. Our 2018 farm crew’s favorite bush bean, Royal Burgundy is eye-catching, vigorous and quick to pick. Relatively tall compared to other bush-beans making plants compete better with weeds. Color is dark violet on the outside with bright-green interior before cooking; heat makes the pods turn deep green. Green plants adorned with purple pods make for an easy harvest; even kids love picking the beans and eating them straight off the plant! Stringless pods usually grow to be 4-6” in length with light brown seeds that are easily saved. After weeks of devouring tender, young beans, we often sauté the full-size pods. We also blanch then freeze them to enjoy throughout the winter. Beans are not only an excellent source of protein and dietary fiber for us, their roots provide a valuable source of usable nitrogen to our soil. Plants are resistant to Common Bean Mosaic Virus.

Sow bean seeds outside 5/15-7/15 (after soil temp has reached at least 60 °). Sow seeds 1” deep, 3” apart in rows 15” apart. Protect seedlings from slugs/snails (use caffeinated coffee grounds or organic phosphate based slug bait). Days to germination: 6-16. Protect plants from groundhogs & deer. Beans perform best if the seeds are inoculated with Bean Inoculant at planting time.