Sacred Organic Basil

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Ocimum sanctum


Pkt(≈210 seeds)
Certified Organic
70 days. Uniquely fragrant, easily cultivated, and medicinal – this world traveling herb is rejuvenating and a beautiful addition to gardens big and small. Sacred basil is a potent herbal medicine with spiritual connections around the world and there are many cultivars adapted to various climates. This particular strain is well suited for temperate areas, like ours, that have hot summers and cool, fall nights. Used like Holy Basil and Tulsi, it is a different species that grows better in the north. These seeds came to us from Wild Garden Seeds who have grown it since 1983 after receiving seeds from the Abundant Life Seed Foundation of Port Townsend, WA. Popularly used for making teas, sacred basil leaves and flowers are also an elegant and complexly flavored garnish for both savory and sweet dishes. Mike often adds this herb to summer pesto, as well as into Thai curries for farm lunches. We continue harvesting leaves even after bushy plants have flowered, though we usually leave a few flowers to feed the pollinators that flock to them.

Start seeds indoors 4/1 – 5/1 at a temp of 70°. Planting depth: 1/8" (seeds need light to germinate). Days to germination: 5-14. Transplant outside, 8” apart, after last frost (5/20). Alternatively, sow seeds directly outside early June. Prune young plants to encourage side branching.