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Salvia officinalis


Pkt(≈ 25 seeds)
Certified Organic

Highly aromatic, versatile, and easy-care, this perennial herb is a popular garden plant. Sage leaves are used fresh or dried in condiments, brines, meats, and teas. The plants silvery green leaves are perfect for use in dried floral crafts and wreaths. Sage's petite lavender blossoms don their heads in early summer with a delicate taste and aroma. Delightfully edible, these flowers can be fried, boiled in savory dishes, or used to garnish both salads and pizzas. (aka Common Garden Sage)

A perennial that is ready in 85 days. Plants are woody, short and bushy reaching a flowering height of 3'. Hardy to zone 4.

Start seeds inside 3/15-4/15. Sow 2-3 seeds 1/4" deep in one container and keep at 65-70°. Days to germination: 7-21. Thin to 1 plant per container. Transplant outside after last frost 5/20-6/30, spaced 12-18" apart. Or, sow seeds directly outside in spring 1/4" deep, 1 seed every 3". Thin to final plant space of 12-18" apart. Sage does not like waterlogged soils so plant where water does not pool. Plants are perennial and hardy to zone 5. Cut plants back to 6" every year to prevent them from getting too leggy.