Scarlet Nantes Organic Carrot

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Daucus carota

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VALUE SIZE: 1/16 oz (≈ 1125 seeds)
Certified Organic

Scarlet Nantes is a classic, heirloom, dual purpose carrot. It is crisp, moist, sweet and tender. Roots are orange, mostly cylindrical with a blunted tip, and grow to about 6" long. We love nantes type carrots because they can be grown for early spring eating as well as winter storage. Scarlet Nantes is a "market standard" variety, popular among farmers and old-school gardeners in Europe and the U.S. for its sweet flavor, reliable growth, and satisfying crunchy texture.

72 days to maturity

Carrots grow best in loose soil. Sow seeds directly outdoors April 15 – July 31, ¼” deep, ½” apart in rows 20” apart. Keep seeds consistently moist (you can cover them with row cover fabric to help keep them moist by shading them). Days to germination: 7-21 days (depending on soil temperature). Carrots need full sun, regular water, and to be kept well weeded. Carrots will be sweeter when grown during cooler weather. Sow seeds every 3 weeks for a continuous supply of carrots.