Solstice Broccoli

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Brassica oleracea

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Pkt(≈ 30 seeds)
71 days. Large, vigorous plants produce large to medium tight heads with a purplish blush. After the main broccoli head is harvested, Solstice continues to produce side shoots. We first learned of Solstice broccoli from the original breeder Jonathan Spero, an Oregon-based organic farmer and plant breeder. We have been really impressed with Solstice.  Like most open-pollinated broccoli, Solstice displays some natural variability in timing of maturity, giving it an extended harvest season and making it perfect for home gardeners. Given the limited existence of open-pollinated broccolis, Solstice is a great example of needed innovation in organic seeds. Jonathan released the variety under the Open Source Seed Initiative.

Start broccoli seeds indoors April 1st at 77°. Days to germination: 5-8. Don’t let plants become potbound in their pots. Transplant outside May 1st, 18” apart. Or, sow broccoli seeds directly outside May 1st. Sow 3-4 seeds together in a group ½” deep, spaced 18” between groups. Keep seeds evenly moist until germination. Thin to the strongest plant in each group. Broccoli plants needs consistent water throughout the growing season. Protect broccoli plants from deer, groundhogs, and rabbits which will devour them. Broccoli plants may be eaten by European Cabbageworm (which is the caterpillar of the small white butterfly that flits around the garden). If they cause significant damage, hand remove caterpillars or spray organic BT.