Strawberry Blonde Organic Calendula Flowers

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Calendula officinalis


Pkt (≈50 seeds)
Certified Organic

Gorgeous, uniquely colored and textured petals make for an unforgettable addition to your garden. A sunburst of golden-yellow out of a deep reddish-brown center fades into a wintry/autumnal sunset of creamy pastel pink. Petals laced with bronze-red stripes spilling over from the backs. The stripes border the tops of the petals and give the flower a distinctly 3-dimensional appearance. Flowers are described as “antique-looking” by a variety of other sources. These flowers are easy to grow from seed, and are long lasting as cut or dried flowers. Long stems (18-24”) make harvesting a breeze. Plants flower well into the fall. This long harvest window allows you to view the beautiful, subtle transformations of the petals as the weather goes from hot and summery to cooler autumn temps.

Calendula is an incredibly versatile plant, used not only for aesthetic appeal, but also for medicinal, culinary, and pest repelling properties. We love adding calendula petals to any salad or stir fry to give it a little extra pizzazz! Calendula can also be used to create skin-healing oils and salves. It is also a great choice for container gardens and/or limited garden spaces. Finally, calendula is a super easy plant and to save seeds from - you can easily start your own line of Strawberry Blonde in your home garden! This variety is protected by the Open Source Seed Initiative, and was bred by Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seed.

80 days to maturity

Calendula will flower all summer until the first heavy frost. Best sown directly outdoors after fear of frost (5/20-7/20), can be started indoors 4/21. Plant seeds ¼” deep, 2” apart in sun. 7-14 days until germination at 70°F. Plant 2-3 successions spaced 2-3 weeks apart for continuous blossoms. Cutting off dying flowers will encourage new flowers to grow.