Taiyo Organic Sunflower

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Helianthus annuus


Pkt(≈40 seeds)
Certified Organic
A magnificent heirloom variety from Japan, Taiyo is highly regarded for its large, single, yellow flowers on sturdy, medium tall stems. Outer petals are deep-yellow, and short, surrounding a fuzzy, dark chocolate colored center which makes for a stunning contrast. Flowers are 8-12” wide yet are upright and do not droop. Plants are 5-6' tall plant. This variety is a popular cut flower. If left uncut, Taiyo provides an amazing display as the flower opens, attracting pollinators to your garden. The small seeds are edible and will be a welcome fall treat for many types of wildlife. 70 days.

Sunflowers are easy to grow from seed outside provided that they are kept moist during germination & seedlings are protected from slugs (use Sluggo). Also, protect plants from groundhogs & deer. Sow seeds outside 6/1-6/30, 6” apart. Thin to 18” for full size plants.