Tarahumara Organic Sunflower

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Helianthus annuus

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Pkt(≈35 seeds)
Certified Organic
90 days. This gorgeous sunflower produces a primary, large (8-10” diameter) single flower head with multiple smaller side heads. Flowers have golden yellow petals with lime green centers. Plants grow 6-9’ tall. Seeds are white and are great to eat. Plants are vigorous and tolerant of many soil types and dry conditions. This Sunflower is named for the Tarahumara indigenous people of northwestern Mexico. Great plant for bird lovers because many birds (such as goldfinches) will arrive as the seeds are ripening to feast on them. If you plan to save seed, cover heads with bags while seeds are maturing so that you can collect them for yourself. Eric Kampe of Ann Arbor Seed Company loves to grow sunflowers because, in his words, “they give so much beauty for so little effort.” He often finds himself eating lunch under the shade of Tarahumara which he says "gives the feeling of resting in a bamboo forest with leaves rustling in the breeze.”

Sunflowers are easy to grow from seed outside provided that they are kept moist during germination & that plants are protected from groundhogs & deer. Sow seeds outside 6/1-6/30, 6” apart. Thin to 24” for full size plants.