Trifecta Organic Melon

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Cucumis melo


Pkt(≈20 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: 1/8 oz (≈ 110 seeds)
Certified Organic
83 days. This melon was named for its balance of three exceptional traits: high quality fruit (think flavor!), large yields, and resistance to disease. Deep orange flesh is blissfully sweet. This medium-sized cantaloupe (3-5 lbs) is very firm yet moist - perfect for slices, cubes or melon balls that keep well in the fridge. This is Mike Lordon's favorite melon and it even wins over people who prefer melt-in-the-mouth melons because the flavor is so superb! Ripe fruits are yellow/tan and have moderate ribbing and lightly netted exterior. Trifecta is another top-notch cucurbit variety we discovered through Virginia based seed farmer Edmund Frost’s research with Cornell University based breeder Michael Mazourek. Trifecta came out of an experimental melon breeding project to deal with intense downy mildew pressure, while maintaining strong yields and excellent eating qualities.

Soil: melons want lots of organic matter (compost and/or decomposed manure). Melons do not like their roots disturbed during transplanting. Start seeds indoors in small biodegradable pots 5/1. Ideal temperature for germination: 85-95° (use heating mat). Melon seedlings are sensitive to damping off fungus so keep seeds on the drier side and use a fan (set to low) to provide air circulation. Days to germination: 4-5. Once 2 leaves appear, grow plants at 72°. Do not let plant become pot-bound in their pots. Transplant them outdoors, pot & all, around 6/1. Or, direct sow seeds outdoors (1/2” deep) around 6/1, keeping seeds moist until germination. Protect germinating seeds from slugs (use phosphate organic slug bait). Protect plants from cucumber beetles by covering seeds/seedlings with row cover fabric at planting. Protect plants from groundhogs and deer. Water plants regularly (we recommend drip irrigation/soaker hoses).