Cupidon Bean

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Phaseolus vulgaris


Pkt (≈50 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: 2 oz (≈240 seeds)
55 days. High-yielding French filet bean with narrow and round, 7-inch long green pods. Bush type plants produce high yields of crisp yet tender pods. Pleasant mellow flavor. Great eaten raw in salads. Called Haricot Verts in French, these beans are traditionally prepared lightly steamed and served with butter. Produces stringless pods that remain tender for a long time on the vine. Resistant to Common Bean Mosaic Virus. Bush plants are compact and fit easily into containers and small gardens. Green beans are easily preserved by blanching and freezing. If left on the vine to mature, they can be shelled and eaten cooked as dry beans. Dry seeds are speckled brown. We sourced our seeds from Sativa Rheinau, an innovative biodynamic vegetable seed company in Switzerland.

Sow bean seeds outside 5/15-7/15 (after soil temp has reached at least 60 °). Sow seeds 1” deep, 3” apart in rows 15” apart. Protect seedlings from slugs/snails (use caffeinated coffee grounds or organic phosphate based slug bait). Days to germination: 6-16. Protect plants from groundhogs & deer. Beans perform best if the seeds are inoculated with Bean Inoculant at planting time.