Deep Red Organic Scabiosa

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Scabiosa atropurpurea

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Pkt (≈40 seeds)
Certified Organic

Deep crimson petals, contrasted by striking white stigmas, grow on sturdy stems. The rich color and variation make it a standout in flowerbeds and bouquets. This type is ideal for cut flower production, with a durable stem and an impressive vase life. Erica loves splashes of these dark red flowers in a bouquet.

Versatile in the garden and for arranging, this annual plant grows 24-36" tall. Grows in full sun. 95 days to maturity.

Start seeds inside 4/1 - 4/15 at a temp of 65-70°. Water seed starting soil before sowing seeds. Seeds need light to germinate - sow seeds on soil surface and expose them to indirect light (either artificial light or sunlight). Keep seeds moist until germination by watering them with a mist (a handheld sprayer works well for this). Cover seed flat with a dome to keep moisture in (but you should air it out 1x per day for 20 minutes to prevent fungal growth). Days to germination: 10-12. Transplant outside in 5/20-6/15 spacing 8-12" apart. Or, you can sow seeds directly outside 5/15 on the soil surface, keeping them moist until germination though we recommend starting them indoors so that they bloom longer outside.