Tasty Evergreen Organic Tomato

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Solanum lycopersicum


Pkt(≈30 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: 1/2 g (≈ 125 seeds)
Certified Organic
75 days. One of the best large green-when-ripe tomatoes we’ve tried. Introduced in northwest Ohio in 1958 by Gleckler’s. Medium-sized (3 - 4” diameter), beefsteak type tomato. Skin ripens to contrasting stripes of yellow on lime green. Flesh is a sea-foam green. Plants have medium vigor and benefit from extra organic matter added to the soil. Savory, rich flavor that balances salt and tart with a hint of smokiness. Very juicy, but holds together well when sliced. Great sliced on sandwiches, crackers, or tossed in a salad. When cooked, adds a rich, distinct flavor to dishes. Indeterminate.

Start tomato seeds inside at least 6 weeks before last frost (around 4/1). Ideal temperature for germination is 85° (use a heating mat). Days to germination: 5-14. Once leaves appear, grow plants at 72°. Plant seedlings outside late May into fertile garden soil (with lots of compost or decomposed manure) at a spacing of 18” apart. Stake tomato plants. Tomatoes are susceptible to several fungal diseases (including Early and Late Blight and Verticillium Wilt). To prevent blight, keep foliage dry by 1) Pruning tomato plants to allow for good air circulation 2) Water with drip irrigation/soaker hoses. Crop rotation is also key to preventing tomato diseases. Ideally, plant tomato plants in a spot that has not had any Solanaceae crops (tomato, peppers, eggplant, potatoes) growing there for 4 years. Frequent watering will help to minimize cracking of tomatoes.