Ancho Poblano Hot Pepper

Capsicum annuum


68 days green. Poblanos are 3-6” long, dark green and mild to medium heat. From Puebla, Mexico, sweet and spicy poblanos are popular in chile rellenos (stuffed peppers). They are also good for salsa, mole poblano, grilling, stir frying, or roasting. These chiles are often roasted and peeled before use.  The plants are vigorous and can reach 3’ tall, producing an abundance of green peppers. Though this pepper ripens to red, this Ancho Poblano is very late to mature so they can’t be counted on to turn red in northern climates. Traditionally, once they ripen to red, peppers are smoked, dried, and ground to be used as chile powder – in this form they are called ancho chiles. HM

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