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Eruca vesicaria subsp. sativa


Pkt (≈300 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: 1/4 oz (≈ 4250 seeds)
Baby salad greens (25 days); mature (45 days). Originating from the Mediterranean region, Arugula is a cool weather loving plant – grow it outdoors in spring and fall or in a hoophouse over the winter (see Growing Instructions tab). This versatile plant can be grown as an edible cover crop/ground cover. Tolerates some shade. This plant is known for its unique flavor. Baby salad greens are mild and tender with a touch of spice, while mature leaves develop a big peppery punch! If harvesting mature arugula, the peppery flavor can be mellowed out with cooking. They benefit from a good sauté, braise, stir-fry or steaming. Try it in soups or in any dish calling for cooked greens. Arugula also makes a great pesto!

Arugula is a cool-loving crop. Start seeds asap in spring directly in soil in hoophouse (Feb. 1st), coldframe (Feb 15th) or outside (March 27). Days to germination: 5-7. For baby greens, broadcast sow seeds or sow seeds in rows 3" apart (sow seeds 1/8” deep). Plant every 2 weeks to have a constant supply. Keep soil moist. For fall production, sow it no later than Aug. 15th or for winter hoophouse production sow Sept. 1st (cover arugula inside the hoophouse when temps drop below 15°). Arugula is a cold hardy crop that is resistant to downy mildew. It can grow in part shade.