Gold Currant Organic Tomato

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Solanum pimpinellifolium

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Pkt(≈25 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: (≈85 seeds)
Certified Organic

These zesty gold gems are superb straight off the vine and in salads! Currant tomatoes belong to a different species than common tomatoes. They produce clusters of round, berry-sized tomatoes that are known for their intense flavor and disease resistance. Gold Currant produces yellow fruits that are about 3/4” diameter and offer a zesty tomato flavor that pack a punch. Vines are vigorous—they can grew over 8 feet tall! A farm favorite for over 20 years - Erica loves to pop ‘em in her mouth straight from the garden! Indeterminate.

70 days to maturity

Start tomato seeds inside at least 6 weeks before last frost (around 4/1). Ideal temperature for germination is 85° (use a heating mat). Days to germination: 5-14. Once leaves appear, grow plants at 72°. Plant seedlings outside late May into fertile garden soil (with lots of compost or decomposed manure) at a spacing of 18” apart. Stake tomato plants. Tomatoes are susceptible to several fungal diseases (including Early and Late Blight and Verticillium Wilt). To prevent blight, keep foliage dry by 1) Pruning tomato plants to allow for good air circulation 2) Water with drip irrigation/soaker hoses. Crop rotation is also key to preventing tomato diseases. Ideally, plant tomato plants in a spot that has not had any Solanaceae crops (tomato, peppers, eggplant, potatoes) growing there for 4 years. Frequent watering will help to minimize cracking of tomatoes.