Hopi Red Dye Organic Amaranth

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Amaranthus cruentus

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Pkt(≈360 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: 1/5 oz (≈ 7200 seeds)
Certified Organic

14 days baby, 70 days flowering plant, 110 days seed. We have been growing and saving seeds of Hopi Red Dye amaranth since 1996 because we just love it so much. So, now we’re really excited to share it! Amaranthus cruentus was domesticated by the indigenous people of Central America. This variety of amaranth originates with the Hopi Nation, a Native American tribe of the Southwest, who use its flowers as an edible dye. Stunning, beet-red color is eye-catching in any garden. It is a fantastic all-purpose plant. Every life stage of the plant and all above-ground parts are usable: sprouts, micro-greens, baby greens, whole young plants, mature leaves, and seeds are edible. Flowers can be used for bouquets or natural dyes. This amaranth is re-seeding, making it ideal for edible landscaping or as a cover crop (watch out – it spreads seed!). Depending on growing conditions, plant height ranges from 2 – 6’ tall. Magenta leaves are a great warm weather substitute for spinach. Can be enjoyed raw in salads or cooked. In fact, young amaranth leaves and stems can be used in any application calling for cooked greens. Protein-rich, nutritious seeds can be harvested and used as a grain. Available in bulk sizes.

Sow amaranth seeds directly outdoors after fear of frost (anytime 5/20 - 7/20). Seed planting depth: scatter on top of soil and pat seeds (seeds need light to germinate). Keep seeds constantly moist until germination. Days to germination: 10 - 21. For baby greens, sow seeds 1” apart. For full size plants, sow groups of 4 seeds together – space groups 20” apart. Thin to strongest 1 plant. Magenta seedlings are easy to identify.