Nasturtium Organic

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Tropaeolum majus


Pkt(≈20 seeds)
Certified Organic

One of our favorite edible flowers, nasturtiums delightfully brighten up gardens and salads. In fact, the whole nasturtium plant is edible, making it the perfect edible ground cover. Flowers are mixed colors from yellow, orange, and red. Flowers and leaves have a spicy, almost arugula-like flavor that adds zest to no-frill salads. Harvest and eat flowers whole - we prefer to chop the leaves before adding them to salads. These are trailing/vining plants - vines may reach 8 feet long. 

60 days to maturity

Direct sow 8-12” apart, 1” deep. Darkness is required for germination. For transplants, start in flats 3 weeks before last frost. Harden off and transplant after danger of frost.