Provider Organic Bean

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Phaseolus vulgaris


Pkt(≈100 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: 6 oz (≈ 500 seeds)
Certified Organic
50 days. Provider is a dependable green, bush, snap bean with very good flavor. Beans are tender and have a nice crisp crunch.  We like to do a lot of taste testing right out in the field and Provider rates high for eating raw because of its smooth (hairless) pods. It is also great eaten pickled and cooked. Provider is easy to grow and yields early so consider planting a second planting to have fresh beans all summer long! Provider, bred in 1966, is such a great bean that it has withstood the test of time and is still a popular variety today. We are offering Provider this year as an alternate to our other snap beans that are unavailable because this past year we had an off-year here on the farm with our bean crops. We think that you will like Provider!

Bush beans are generally, easy to grow. Sow bean seeds outside 5/15-7/15 (after soil temp has reached at least 60 °). Sow seeds 1” deep, 3” apart in rows 15” apart. Protect seedlings from slugs/snails (use caffeinated coffee grounds or "Sloggo"). Days to germination: 6-16. Protect plants from groundhogs & deer. Beans perform best if the seeds are inoculated with Bean Inoculant at planting time.