Dyer's Chamomile

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Cota tinctoria


Pkt(≈ 35 seeds)

Highly valued for its ability to produce vibrant natural yellow dyes. Its sun-yellow blooms and delicate foliage make for a stunning addition to any perennial garden. Its large, cheery flowers are commonly used for tea or for adding a yellow color and charm to your crafting and fabric projects. 

A low maintenance perennial, typically reaching up to 2 feet in height. Not a true chamomile. These plants prefer full sun and well-drained garden soil, and can even thrive in less-than-ideal locations. Plant originated in Europe. (a.k.a 'Golden Marguerite', Anthemis tinctoria) 60-70 days. 

Sow seeds indoors 3/15-4/15. Seeds need light to germinate - sow them on top of the soil and cover with a dome and place in indirect light. Keep at 65-70°F. Water using a mist sprayer or using bottom watering method. Be sure to air out the dome for 15 min each day to prevent fungal growth. Days to seed germination: 14-28 days. Transplant outside after mid May. Space plants 18" apart. Alternatively, you can sow seeds outside late May to early June. Sow 3-4 seeds every 18" and thin plants to the strongest seedling.