Halblange Organic Parsnip

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Pastinaca sativa

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Pkt(≈200 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: 1/6 oz (≈ 960 seeds)
Certified Organic
120 days. Sweet and smooth, Halblange parsnip is vigorous and uniform and stood out in our parsnip trials. Have we said that we really love parsnips!?! Sweet like carrots yet “sticks-to-the-ribs” like potatoes – roasted, steamed, or boiled, they are an essential ingredient in our kitchen. Parsnips are planted in spring, grow all summer long and then harvested after cold weather in fall. They can also be overwintered in the ground and harvested in Spring when they develop extreme sweetness. Thanks to our friends at Adaptive Seeds for first introducing us to this awesome parsnip which was bred by Bingenheim, a German Biodynamic seed company. (aka Halblange Weisse)

Parsnips can be planted in the spring or summer, when soil temp is between 45-85° usually between April-late June. Sow ½” deep, 1-2” between seeds in rows 18-24” apart. Seeds normally take 3 weeks to germinate, so keep soil moist until emergence. Thin plants to 2-3” apart.