Fall Planting Dates For USDA Zone 5

Fall Planting Dates

Planning a successful fall harvest in USDA Zone 5 involves strategic seed starting dates. The dates below will guide you on when your should start seeds for various crops to ensure a bountiful autumn harvest. Take note of the recommended planting dates for each crop and consider the specific needs of certain crops regarding temperature and germination conditions. Keep in mind that these dates are general guidelines, and local variations in climate may affect optimal planting times.

Fall Harvest Seed Starting Dates

Crop Start Dates
Arugula 8/1-9/15
Beans (snap, bush) 7/15
Beet 8/1
Bok Choy 8/1
Broccoli 7/15
Cabbage 7/15
Carrot (Late types) 7/1
Carrot (Early types) 7/15
Chard, Swiss 8/1
Chicory* 9/1
Chijimisai 8/15
Chinese (Napa) Cabbage 7/1-7/15
Cilantro 9/1
Collards 8/1
Cover Crop (rye/vetch) 8/1-9/30
Kale (for large plants) 8/1
Kale (for baby leaf) 9/1
Kohlrabi 7/15
Leeks 6/15
Lettuce (head lettuce)* 8/7
Lettuce (leaf lettuce)* 9/7
Mizuna mustard greens 8/1-9/1
Mustard greens (Osaka Hardy) 8/1-9/1
Peas 7/1
Radish (early maturing types) 9/7
Spinach* 8/15
Turnip 8/1

*These crops’ seeds like cool temperatures for germination so seeds may not germinate if the soil temperature is too high. Try covering the soil (with fabric or a board) to keep the sun off and help keep the soil cool.


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