Amazing Cauliflower

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Brassica olerace

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Large heads with mild, nutty & sweet flavor make Amazing one of the best heirloom cauliflowers. The heads are "self-blanching" - they grow cradled by leaves which protect the head from sun, heat & cold. This cauliflower is more dependable, productive and adaptable than most heirloom cauliflower varieties.

Erica loves Mike's roasted cauliflower - browned, sweet and savory yum! 68 days to maturity.

Cauliflower likes growing in cool conditions so read the "How-to-Grow" tab below for best success.

Mike's Roasted Cauliflower Recipe

Heirloom cauliflower is a bit more difficult to grow where summers are hot because the plants prefer cool temperatures (60-75°). For best success, grow it so that the heads are forming in late summer and early fall when temperatures are cooler. Start seeds indoor or outdoors 5/15-6/15 (we recommend starting seeds in containers where they can be tended and protected better). Transplate outside 6/15-7/15. Space plants 18" apart in rows 24" apart. Cauliflower plants need lots of compost & organic fertilizer. Water regularly. Protect plants from slugs (use Sluggo), rabbits, groundhogs, deer and cabbage worms (use BT).