Butterfly Milkweed Wildflower

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Asclepias tuberosa


Pkt (≈40 seeds)

Butterfly Milkweed flowers feed Monarch butterflies and other pollinators with bright orange flowers. Plants are showy, neat and compact enough even for a formal garden. Plant is a native perennial that blooms in mid-summer and reaches 1-3 ft tall. It makes a great cut flower - filling out a vase with flashy orange color. It may take up to two years for Butterfly Milkweed to establish itself, however, once established, it is tolerant to droughts and will self-seed. Seeds are Upper Midwest genotype.

 Photos credit: Amanda Klain & Greg Vaclavek.

Seeds need 'cold stratification' (a cold, moist period) before they will germinate. Do this by sowing the seeds outside late summer, fall, or winter (before March 1st). Alternatively, in March, mix the seeds into 1/2 cup of moist (but not too wet) sand, peat moss, or seed starting mix. Then place in a sealed plastic bag and put in the fridge for 30 days mimumum. After the cold stratification period, seeds can be started inside or outside. Plant the plants in well-drained soil in full sun.