Catnip Organic

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Nepeta cataria

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Pkt (≈ 120 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: (≈250 seeds)
Certified Organic

A hardy, easy-to-grow perennial, Catnip is beloved by cats but also used for its medicinal properties. Leaves are dried to make a calming tea for people or a stimulating treat for your kitty. The flowers provide food for pollinators. Our cats go nuts for catnip! Out in the garden they eat and roll in it until they are slap happy!

Note that Catnip may reseed, potentially resulting in unwanted (but not excessive) spread. 80 days. 

Start seeds inside 3/15-4/15. Seeds need light to germinate - sow them on top of the soil and cover with a dome and place in indirect light. Place container on a heating mat for best results (70-80°). Water using a mist sprayer or using bottom watering method. Be sure to air out the dome for 15 min each day to prevent fungal growth. Days to seed germination: 10-20 days. When plants are 3" tall, transplant them outside or into a bigger container. Space plants 12-18" apart. Alternatively, you can sow seeds outside late May to early June. Sow 3-4 seeds every 12-18". Thin plants to the strongest seedling.